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German Beer Restaurant in Nizhny Novgorod

Beer Restaurant with an upmarket name Sehr Gut is comfortably located a little bit away from blocks of flats and offices in Vaneeva Street. Sehr Gut is loved by most of Nizhny Novgorod dwellers, which is due to its successful location (it is 5 minutes driving from Nizhny Novgorod center), and, of course, due to its unique cuisine, that can be called gastronomical for sure. Besides, on Fridays, Saturdays and on public holidays, there are entertainment shows, which are changed over to Disco of 80th..

Two absolutely different directions in cuisine, Russian and German, are combined perfectly together here in Beer Restaurant Sehr Gut. The main general trait between two cuisines in the restaurant is the atmosphere of the mid- XIX century the high noon of brewing epoch, as well as tasty and diversified cuisine, that includes Russian and German dishes, cooked according to old folk recipes and, of course, giant German portions and live beer from brew-house by the restaurant. The beer is also brewed from German malt and hop, using German live liquid yeast and imported water Nikola Kluch, in accordance with old German recipes.

Russian Tavern

The first floor of Sehr Gut is decorated like a Russian Tavern and is done up in an old Russian style with interior design full of antique vessels and household items. All guests are always deeply impressed by a huge samovar (a fire pot, which was used in old times for cooking tea), not far from which there is an original Russian stove, that is used not only for baking sourdough pies and cooking the most delicious shchi (Russian cabbage soup), but also for cooking tasty pot-roast. Moreover, there is a room for guests with children, where everything is prepared for a childrens party. Children pass their time in this room with great interest, while their parents are enjoying their beer pot and gastronomical dishes of the Restaurant.

German Restaurant

German Beer Restaurant is located on the second floor, besides there is a tied house inside the brew-house. Traditional Bavarian cuisine presupposes preparing the dishes in front of all guests, thus almost the most part of all fish and meat dishes is cooked at chargrill, which is opened to everyones observation. Moreover, beer small sausages of in-house production, steaks, and on some special occasions even whole carcasses on roasting-jack are cooked here. Besides, parties with entertainment shows take place in German Restaurant on Fridays, Saturdays and, of course, on holidays. There is also a dance-floor, stage for artists performance and two comfortable halls for VIP, equipped with real wood burning fireplaces.

Bear Garden

A small German clachan is built on the roof of the Restaurant. It is used at warm season and it includes a small house a saloon-bar, an outdoor grill, tables for guests, a place for DJ, a stage and a dance-floor. All together, it is called in German Bier Garten. It starts every spring and exclusive sorts of beer from Germany and from our own brew-house appear there together with new fresh spring flowers. This summer ground is opened in May, as soon as spring weather allows it.

As Sehr Gut has got its own brew-house, the real beer connoisseurs can always enjoy the real live beer. The Restaurant Sehr Gut with brew-house welcomes real votaries of German and live beer of high quality! To order the table you just need to dial the telephone numbers, which are shown on site (contact page). We are glad to offer you fidelity cards!