Off Premise

Russian-and-German Restaurant “Sehr Gut” is glad to offer you services on off premise catering. Now you have a great chance to add to your event or to your promotional event a romantic atmosphere and you can give guests the possibility to enjoy a special taste of hot dishes cooked in a real mobile kitchen trailer.
Mobile kitchen trailer is a new and original solution on providing guests with hot meals, which means not only a tasty meal, but also a special atmosphere.
Rent cost of mobile kitchen trailer is 20 000 Rub in Nizhny Novgorod and 25 000 within Nizhegorodskaya oblast* boundaries. The rent cost includes transportation cost of kitchen trailer and of staff that works on it, as well as housekeeping needs (dishes, containers for rubbish and other things).
The minimum order shall be not less than 50 portions on each chosen dish**.

Off Premise


   Besides the offered dishes and beverages we can cook almost everything that you might wish, just inform us in advance.
    Moreover, we can arrange an off premise catering in a form of reception standing or dinner event and serve the dishes from the main menu. To add to this in case the order sum is not less than 200 thou. Rub. we can even arrange shows and discos (for example at the opening of automobile showroom or a shop).

* the rent cost is indicated on the condition of rent time is not more than 7 hours with an account of time that is necessary for mobile kitchen trailer transportation. Every next hour of kitchen trailer usage is paid additionally. 1 hour is 500 Rub.
** please, take into consideration that maximum kitchen trailer productivity allows to cook 125 portions of 3 dishes at the same time or 375 portions of 1 dish. It is necessary 2.5 hours to cook the second lot of dishes.

We are always glad to collaborate with you!

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