Barbecue Room

According to German traditions, the fire is the main place in the house.

The same concerns our Restaurant. The Barbecue Room that is on the second floor in German Restaurant always attracts our guests’ attention by its fire and by palatable flavor of roasted meat or fish. The most part of our dishes is cooked here in Barbecue Room such as meat and fish steaks, rack of lamb, pork and lamb shashliki, our in-house small sausages.

On some Fridays and Saturdays we arrange a small barbecue feast and we spit-roast the whole lamb carcasses or pork knuckles. It is really tasty!

Restaurant address: Vaneeva St., 110d, Nizhny Novgorod, 603136

Restaurant Telephone Number: (831) 4-133-044, (831) 4-613-508 (факс)
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