VIP Dining Room №1

VIP Dining Room №1At your disposal, we have an Alpine VIP Dining-Room with two balconies, a real log fire, a big screen and karaoke system. The capacity: up to 25 people.

Here you can perfectly celebrate your Holiday, communicate with your friends, sing in karaoke, smoke an aromatic cig in front of burning log-fire. In case your holiday is on Friday or Saturday, your guests and you are allowed to watch our show that is on the scene of our German Restaurant and to dance on dance-floor. If there is an interesting matchup broadcasting, our guests usually gather here in front of big screen to cheer for “our team”. In this case, it’s better to reserve the table in advance!

Detailed Plan

Restaurant address: Vaneeva St., 110d, Nizhny Novgorod, 603136

Restaurant Telephone Number: (831) 4-133-044, (831) 4-613-508 (факс)
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