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Brew House was found here with the only target. We aimed at producing the best beer of different sorts (ale and lager) and at opening something new in taste of beer to those who wish. The quality of the components and the brewer’s dedication to his craft let us show you new perfect flavors of our beer.

Our beer is made of premium sorts of hull-less barley. In the process of malting, the grain drinks the water and grows a little bit. Drying at different temperature and frying of the grown grain (it is called malt) gives our beer its specific qualities such as full-bodied aroma and color. We use only the best sorts of whole hops in the process of wart boiling. In order to achieve complicated and unique aromas we use different sorts of hops at certain interval of wart boiling.

We add bitter sorts of hops at the beginning so that we could balance malt sweetness with pleasant bitterness. As for aromatic sorts, we add them at the end of boiling, so that we could make beer with maximum intensive aroma.

Yeast is a magic organism, which fundamental in the preparation of our beer. We use different yeast strains in order to produce our perfect Lager or Ale. Only the well-chosen strain according to all characteristics let us achieve original well-balanced taste and aroma of our beer.

For beer preparation, we use pure and tasty water from artesian well of 50 meters depth that is located not far from a well-known spring “Nikola Kluch” that is vulgarly considered to be holy. The place of water extraction is Drozdovo country, Gorodotz Region. The source of water is an underground lake, which appeared at the Ice Age. We control water qualities (its perceptible and physicochemical properties) during the whole year precisely as water is one of the main ingredients in beer. Its part in beer composition is more than 90% that is why water influences the beer character and quality.

The brewery process starts from malt refinement in a special mill, which refines the starch body and keeps the glume. This glume helps us further on in mash wart filtering.

We mix the refined malt with water in a special tun and activate natural ferments of malt wart. These ferments modify barley starch into sugar that is able to fermentation.

We do separation of sweet mash wart from seed cake in the same tun as there are a lot of complicated textural features that can be distorted (for example due to quick rotation of pump blades during pumping or intensive operation of mixer).

After that we boil the filtered mash wart with whole hops during 1.5 hour in the same tun. Hop usage in beer brewing prevents beer from soar fermentation and increases its taste stability

In our fermenting bottles (cylindroconical vessels) “live” yeast modifies malt sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

We keep beer at the temperature 8-10°С during 7 days at its first stage of fermentation. At this moment, the yeast absorbs much sugar.

At yeast ripening period, we cool beer up to 1°С and keep it at this temperature during 2-8 weeks depending on sort. During ripening, beer taste and aroma are developing and beer is filled with carbon dioxide.

Restaurant address: Vaneeva St., 110d, Nizhny Novgorod, 603136

Restaurant Telephone Number: (831) 4-133-044, (831) 4-613-508 (факс)
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