Russian Tavern

Russian Restaurant is located on the 1st floor and it is decorated like a Russian Tavern of the mid-XIX century. Here, one can find everything what his soul might wish. You can celebrate a holiday together with friends in a hall Behind the Russian Stove, which is separated from the others by a curtain. Besides, you can sit two together at a cubby table near an old gramophone that sometimes plays. Moreover, you can even go fishing and catch in a special aquarium crayfish, that will be boiled in a spicy beer broth and served specially to you with beer. Where else can you watch how the real Russian stove is fired or where else can you drink tea prepared in samovar that was made 120 years ago? For those, who visits Sehr Gut together with children, there is a homey childrens room with TV, where kids can watch cartoons, and with different toys, which can make children be busy with, while their parents are enjoying their meal.

Here you can taste many traditional Russian beverages such as Khrenovukha, Cedar Nastoika (infusion), Klyukovka, Lemon Nastoika (infusion) and even Samogon, in-house kvass and fruit-drink out of berries, which we purchase in environmentally pristine regions of our oblast.

The Restaurant interior adds to the general impression of a time journey to the mid-XIX century. Most part of household items on the shelves are antique, which create the proper atmosphere. Besides, do not forget that every evening at 8.00 pm the cook takes something really tasty from the Russian stove, like pies, hotpot, shchi or fragrant bread.

Welcome to Russian Restaurant!

Detailed plan

Restaurant address: Vaneeva St., 110d, Nizhny Novgorod, 603136

Restaurant Telephone Number: (831) 4-133-044, (831) 4-613-508 ()

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