Russian Stove

Earlier on, when there was no central heating, Russian stove played a great role in a house and had a lot of functions. It heated the house, people cooked dinner in it, besides people slept on it, dried berries and mushrooms in it and even washed themselves. Food cooked in a stove was always tasty and nutrient, it does not lose its nourishing and health properties. Pies were always roasted and porridge was tasty. To cook in Russian Stove is the best way to cook, which has ever been invented by the mankind…

A special dish is cooked in our Russian Stove every evening by 8.00 pm. It can be pies with meat, onion, cabbage, rich shsci, stewed in a big iron pot. Every dish is cooked as it was cooked at old times.

You can order some special dish in advance, so that it could be ready by your visit. It can be a baked sturgeon, knuckle or hotpot. The main thing is to arrive on time and to see how the dish is taken out from the stove and its fragrance is spread over the whole Restaurant!

The Russian Stove

Restaurant address: Vaneeva St., 110d, Nizhny Novgorod, 603136

Restaurant Telephone Number: (831) 4-133-044, (831) 4-613-508 (факс)
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